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Cooperate Rather Than Competing

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Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I just wrote a post about letting go of the competitive mind, and part of that is learning to work *with* people instead of *against* them. More can be achieved through cooperation than competition.

When you help to lift other people up, they will help to lift you up as well. Even if it’s not the specific person you helped, someone will come along to help you. If all you’re doing is competing and trying to be better than someone else, that’s all anyone’s going to do with you. people fail to see the futility in just trying to be the “best”, for however long it may last until there’s a new best.

When I see people who are only out for themselves, doing whatever they can to be better than someone else, I’m not very inclined to help them in that goal. If I see someone who’s helping themselves and others, I’m more inclined to assist them. When a person appears selfish and greedy, they’re not going to get a lot of help getting where they want to be.

Do you really want your whole life to be a struggle? Do you want to have to face everything alone? Probably not. Cooperating with others can take pressure off your shoulders, help you to learn and help you to grow. Advancement comes easier when you’re working together with others for the betterment of all. When you only care about yourself, you end up by yourself.

Even if you do find success, what’s the cost? Have you alienated people? Have you become so stressed that you can’t enjoy your success? Are you teetering on the brink of being outdone by someone else? If you were working with others, you’d know you could always recover and move forward with their support.

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