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Contemplating the Universe

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sun planet universe spaceHave you ever taken the time to contemplate the universe? It’s scope is vast, some say infinite.

I must admit, I contemplate the universe on a regular basis. I find the universe to be endlessly fascinating. The breadth and scope of it is breathtaking in the extreme. Is it finite or infinite? Nobody knows, even though some people claim to know.

People claim to “know” a lot of things, but the truth is, they are deluded. We as human beings are currently incapable of measuring the universe. We can’t even accurately see very far beyond our own galaxy, which is tiny compared to the rest of the vast universe. In a world where we are still living in a society heavily influenced by primitive tribal values, do you really think we are ready to contemplate galactic or universal affairs?

Consider the stars that we can see, now multiply that a million times. Chances are good that the stars that are out in the universe number even a milion times greater than that. Now consider that scientists have located a planet or two in our own galaxy that might support life. Are we ready for that yet? Do you think that our species is ready to take a step outside into the universe? I think we are like children too young to leave the yard. Maybe once we’ve grown up a bit we’ll be ready. For now all I have to do is look at the headlines I see and I know that we are not. When we can’t even take care of our own species, we are not ready for a new world.

Humans of the world, you’re grounded. Go to your room till you grow up some more!



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