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We Are All Connected To Each Other

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Have you ever thought about what the world is really like? I have, and I see it like a spider web. Every one of us is connected to one another along the lines of the web. Each one has a leg on a line, and if anyone twitches, everyone feels it. That’s what the world is like in my mind.

I think more people ought to consider that analogy. It’s actually true. What any one of us does can, and often does, travel out and shake up other people. It causes an effect that others notice. Maybe not instantly, maybe not in a week, maybe not for a year, but eventually. Everything we do connects and ripples.

If I treat someone poorly today, they’re going to go home upset. Maybe they’ll yell at their child because they were ticked off at what I said. That child goes over to a friend’s house and pushes them because they’re angry for getting yelled at. That child may hold on to that day, letting it stew until one day they act out violently. Maybe they kill someone. Then that family suffers the loss… The connections go on and on.

Now, take that from the other side. Maybe I’m polite and courteous to my waitress. She goes home happy and with a good tip. She hugs her child and shares her happiness. That child goes over to a friend’s house and tells how their mom is so happy while they play. This child then feels hope that happy families can exist and doesn’t fall into despair over their home situation. They’re nice to the other kids. One child, raised up by that kindness grows up to help people facing tough lives. Those people that are helped go on to be better to others and create a chain of social improvement. And the connections continue.

No matter what you do or when you do it, keep in mind that we’re all connected on this great web of life. What tremors will you send out to others? Will they be positive or negative?

Image: Public Domain, Morguefile

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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