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Commercials as Education and Inspiration

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robot A lot of you will think I’m a complete loon for having a title like this. What am I saying? You all KNOW I’m a loon. But perhaps I should explain what I mean.

We all think that most commercials are an annoying interruption of TV watching goodness, but have you ever really thought about them? I mean deep meaningful thought about why they are there and possibly what an alien visitor might learn about us from them? Now that you’re in a good thinking place, I’ll continue.

I am often inspired to write by commercials. I see something incredibly stupid on an advertisement and I feel compelled to say something about it. I used to just tell the people around me, but now I tell all of you. Like one of my other posts about alzheimers, that was inspired by a commercial. I’m sure that many of you have seen a commercial and said to anyone around you “That is just sooo wrong!”. Well, I write what you say to friends. That’s my whole approach, I tell all of you my observations on life. Commercials are where some of my best writing ideas come from, they’re just LOADED with stupid.

So how can commercials be educational? They can show you the state of the world, teach you about cultures, give you insight on current events and a handful of other things. You just have to be open to what they show you instead of what they are trying to sell you. For instance, an advertisement for microsoft tells you that they have a new product coming, or that they lost money last quarter. How? Because they don’t NEED to advertise. If they do, then something is definitely going on. See a commercial showing a bi-racial couple? Then you can rest assured that at least one company is trying to eliminate racism. I can learn a lot from commercials and how they change, can you? Always remember that commercials cost money to make and money to rent airtime. Pay attention to the kinds of things that are being advertised and you suddenly know what the people with money are focused on.

Watch the stupid, learn from their idiocy, get inspired and take a stand!

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