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Closed-minded Pagans and Mixing Spiritual Traditions

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Posted by / December 23, 2014 / 0 Comments

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Recently, in a group that I’m not a member of, my book was being torn apart. I managed to see it because it showed up in the news feed of someone I’m connected to. I could not believe the way that a group moderator was behaving. Without knowing the full details of my herbal book, they were trashing it. It’s not the fact that someone had a negative opinion of my book that bothers me though. It’s the fact that it was an obviously biased and uninformed opinion.

So, they were insulting the book for various reasons, any number of which would be dispelled by reading the introduction or disclaimer, but what really annoyed me was that they were attacking it for mixing traditions. If one reads the early portions of my herbal book, I clearly state that the traditions are mixed and why I’ve done it. I had a purpose, and I stand by what I chose to do. Other authors have been doing what I did for quite some time, but they never came out and admitted it like I did. I just wanted people to know exactly what they were getting before they bought the book.

The thing is, there’s nothing wrong with mixing traditions in a spiritual book, especially if you clearly tell the readers that you’re doing it and what your reasoning is. For too long there have been groups of closed-minded religious people refusing to meld their ways with any other. There’s a difference between purity of tradition and simply refusing any other form of thought. If someone wants a book specifically engineered for their narrow tradition, then my book is not for them and I accept that. My book is intended for people who are looking for a more expanded view and possibilities of new connections for old things.

My choice to do what I did with my book is not wrong, nor does it make my book a bad one. The information is useful, and much of it is provably accurate, more so than other books of its kind. Just because one person who follows a rigid tradition doesn’t like it, that doesn’t mean that they should tear it apart. To be honest, it pisses me off when people tear something down just because they don’t like it, and try to sell it under the guise of some kind of facts. If something’s not for you, fine. But don’t try tearing it apart in the public view as if there’s actually something wrong with it, especially when you don’t have the information to make such accusations.

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