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Clear Success Killing Thoughts and Become More Successful

Success Progress Man Business - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Success Progress Man Business - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Don’t be jealous of those who have more

We all want to be successful and most of us want to be wealthy. The thing is, you can kill your own success by thinking the wrong things about yourself and others.

I was listening to a self-help audio book one day and they brought up a topic that totally blew my mind. They were talking about clearing thoughts that impede your own progress. They talked about things like being jealous of or having negative thoughts about people who have things that you want. If you have these thoughts, you prevent yourself from ever having what you want. It made an incredible amount of sense.

If you hate successful people you’ll never be one. That’s one of the basic ideas when it comes to clearing success killing thoughts. If you think that all people with success stepped on people to get it, or only the already rich can be successful or that success makes you evil, then you will never achieve success unless you are willing to take those perceived traits onto yourself. However, if you can realize that some people got their success honestly, you can start from nowhere and become successful and that you can be successful and a good person too, then you are much more likely to achieve the success you desire.

If you hate what others do with money, you really fear what you’ll do with it. When you look at a celebrity or successful person and complain about how they waste their money, or the stupid things they do with it, it’s likely because you fear that you’d do the same. If you think like that, you’ll never have enough money to find out. Who cares if some celebrity buys a new outfit every day and burns the old one? Who cares if some billionaire bought a 20 bedroom mansion and then never uses it? That’s their problem, not yours. Think about all the good that you will do for yourself and others when you have all that money. When you think that way, in a more positive light, you set yourself up to come closer to that goal.

After listening to that section of the audio book I really started to assess my feelings about people with wealth and success and was shocked at what I discovered. I hated people with lots of money because they spent it frivolously, and often went bankrupt even while making millions of dollars a year. I disliked people who were extremely successful because it seemed like it was handed to them, and they didn’t have to really work for it. I didn’t like people who had nice homes and enough money to buy things, because I felt that I deserve those things more than they do. I immediately took steps to change the way I was thinking, and things have been going uphill since then.

I suggest you take a look at your own thoughts and see if you have things like this blocking your pathway to success. Now, I’m not saying that if you get rid of the thoughts that you’re suddenly going to be rich and successful, claims like that are dangerous and can’t be guaranteed. I will however guarantee that it will have an effect on your life, and it will open you up to new opportunities. Since I changed my way of thinking I’m making more money and finding new opportunities that I thought would never come to me.

You have to look at people who have more than you as something to aspire to, or if they’re not good people, something never to be. You can be wealthy and successful and not be a bad person. You can achieve your goals no matter what people say about you. And just for the record, there’s always going to be someone who has more than you, so hating them is not going to do you any good. Be happy for people who have a lot, and know that you will make the best use of your success and money when they come to you.

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Briana Blair

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