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Cleanliness And Magickal Energy In Your Home

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It’s probably something you don’t think about much, but cleanliness plays a role in how magickal energy flows within your home. If you live in a dirty or cluttered environment, it can have a negative impact on the flow and quality of energy around you.

Think about how you feel in certain surroundings. Don’t you feel better when the space you’re in is clean, neat and free of bad odors? Of course you do. In contrast, you don’t feel as good when your surroundings are cluttered, dirty or smell foul. How you feel in a space affects the kind of energy you put out, and the kind of energy you draw in.

It should go without saying that we should keep our homes clean and neat, but in our current world, it’s fairly common for organization and housekeeping to fall to the wayside. Our homes become messy and dirty, and we eventually stop thinking about how this affects us. The fact is though, that it does affect us on multiple levels.

Having a messy home affects your self-esteem. You may be embarrassed to have people come over, or you may not like being indoors. Being disorganized can cause stress since you can’t find what you need when you need it. Letting things fall into disrepair can also make you feel unhappy about yourself and your home.

We should all do our best to keep our homes clean and tidy. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to do this, so don’t fret if you’re not well-off financially. Keeping your house dusted and swept costs very little. Putting things away is easy. If possible, you can go further and get attractive storage, or add nice features like decorations and plants. Staying neat and clean also doesn’t take much time, if you work a little housekeeping into every day and don’t let things build up.

When you feel good about yourself and your space, you radiate confidence and comfort. You’ll attract positive energy into your home and ritual space. This will make magickal workings more effective. If you know where all your supplies are and everything around you is clean and fresh, things will flow much better, and you’ll get better results.

Remember that your home, whether rented or owned, is a reflection of who you are. Even if you have humble surroundings, they should still be an extension of you and your energy. Does your home reflect your inner self? Does it feel like it contains the kind of energy you want to be surrounded by? If not, it may be time to pick up a broom, wash some dishes, or get your clutter put away so that you can bring the best possible energy into your living space.

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Briana Blair

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