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Chillboy and the Others

chillboy squirrell
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chillboy squirrellSounds like the name of some new indie band doesn’t it? I know I might be a little odd for doing it, but I’ve been nicknaming the animals that make a regular occurrence in our yard. This Squirrel I named Chillboy after he/she made a habit of lying on a board that’s nailed to a pecan tree out back. For some reason, Chillboy will quite often fetch a pecan, climb up to the board, eat the pecan and stretch out completely across the board. He/she is just chillin I guess. hence the nickname Chillboy. I can spot this oddball even among the dozen other squirrels that run amok in our yard. Chillboy looks like he’s a cross between a grey squirrel and a fox squirrel. Here in Georgia, we actually see fox squirrels quite a bit, unlike most places where you only see gray ones.

I’ve named some of the other animals based on how they look or things they have done. Like Crackerjack, the female tuxedo. One evening, my wife discovered that her Cracker Jacks had gone stale so we threw them outside for the animals. A short time later, this cat was hunting down every single one of them and eating them, hence the nickname. She’s a pretty cool kitty, I have to say. She hangs out and plays with the neighbor’s dog, and is always ever watchful of her two kittens. I nicknamed them too of course, Fluffycutie and speckle. maybe one day one of them will sit still and I can get a photo.

Then there’s Big Red. A large cardinal that is the brightest red I have ever seen on a cardinal. he and his mate live around our yard somewhere, as well as another mated pair of cardinals. They aren’t pets but they certainly feel like part of the family. I don’t feel like my day is complete without seeing these interesting animals at least once a day.



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