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Cheap Wardrobe Updates, Jazzing Up Old Clothes

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Make old, boring clothes look great again

Are you suffering from an old and lackluster wardrobe, but you can’t afford to buy new clothes? Here are some tips to make those old clothes look good again without breaking the bank.

If you have a lot of clothes that are basic colors like black, white or other primary colors, you can easily give them some new life by wearing them with belts, scarves, pins or other decorations that can be changed as you see fit. You might be surprised at how great a plain shirt or skirt can look when you couple it with a great belt, a funky scarf or some decorative pins and buttons. Don’t forget that a great scarf can also double as a waist sash, which can add interest and color to any outfit.

Try layering. Wear a tank under a low-cut top, leggings under a short skirt or shorts, a cardigan or other sweater over a simple top. By combining layers of clothing you can create entirely new looks and color profiles. It’s also just fun to mix and match and see how things look. It can even be a great way to make use of a clothing item that might have a small stain or hole. With the right layering, a damaged piece of clothing can still be worn and no one will ever know.

Dye can be your friend. If you’ve got clothes that have become faded, or you just don’t like the color anymore, dyeing can be a great alternative to throwing them away. You can get inexpensive clothing dyes at most mega-stores, as well as a wider variety at craft and fabric stores. You can either reinvigorate a faded item or change the color completely. Get funky if you want and try spot dyeing, tie-dyeing, bleaching or other artistic coloring methods.

If you have the patience (or a crafty friend) you can update plain, boring clothes by adding beaded detail or studded detail. Odd as it may sound, that old Bedazzler is actually coming back into fashion. You can even buy beautiful iron-on stud designs that are already completely laid out for you. Adding these fancy touches are a great way to make a plain item look classy, fancy or fun.

Adding new trim is also a fun and fairly easy way to make a basic garment look fresh and new. Go to your local fabric or craft shop and look at various types of ribbon, edging and tassels. Just sew your chosen decoration to the ankle hems of pants, skirt hems, wrists of shirts, necklines or wherever you please. You can make your garment look like a totally new item in no time!

You can also update pants and long skirts by cutting them off into shorts and short skirts. You can choose any length from clam-digger to Daisy Dukes on pants, and anything from mid-calf to mini-skirt on skirts. Combine cutting off with adding ribbon or tassels to the hem, and it’ll look like a completely new garment.

With just a little creativity, it’s possible to update most of your wardrobe without spending much money, and without throwing anything away. If you do need to buy new things like shoes, belts or other accessories, never underestimate the value and variety you can get from your local consignment or thrift store.


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Briana Blair

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