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Cheap and Easy Halloween Costumes for Adults

Witch Woman Flying Cat Moon Broom halloween - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Witch Woman Flying Cat Moon Broom halloween - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Costumes that are fun and cheap

Looking for an inexpensive and easy costume idea for your next Halloween party? Here are some ideas that are super simple and will cost $20 or less to put together, some might even be free.

FBI agent – Just wear the sharpest suit you own with dark sunglasses. This can also be used for Mr. Smith from the Matrix or an agent from Men In Black.

Twins – Couples, siblings or even friends can just dress in the exact same outfit with the same hair style or wig.

The Crow – Wear all black with black boots and wrap your wrists, ankles and midsection in electrical tape. White out your face and draw on the Crow face with black lipstick or eyeliner. Keep your hair wet for best effect.

Garbage monster – Wear a cheap t-shirt and pants. Tape, glue, sew or safety pin all sorts of stuff to your clothes. Wads of paper, food wrappers, dry used coffee filters, old shoes, basically anything you’d find in the trash is good. You can wear a hoodie and put trash all over that to make a fuller body covering outfit.

Bum or hobo – Pick some stuff out of the laundry bin and put it on. Add extra dirt, or wear something that has been splattered with food and/or paint. Mess up your hair and don’t shave for several days (women too). A ratty coat and shopping bags full of random junk add authenticity.

80’s rocker – Use lots of hairspray, loads of jewelry and the loudest clothes you can find. Wearing multiple layers works too. Don’t forget lots of makeup, even for a guy. For 80’s metal-head wear shredded jeans, black tank top and lots of chains with dark makeup and big hair.

Ghost – All you need is a white sheet with some eye holes cut in it. If you want to look a little better you can use chain or rope to tie the sheet in places and draw a face on the sheet.

Nerd – Glasses with medical tape or masking tape around the bridge, a button up shirt with or without suspenders and pants that are too short or pulled up too high. You can carry school books, add a pocket protector or carry a compass and protractor.

Leftovers – Wrap yourself in aluminum foil, it’s that simple. If you want to go a bit more in depth you can try creating a tin foil swan like some restaurants give out.

Prostitute – Wear the skimpiest or skankiest thing you can find. Super high-heels and booty shorts or a mini skirt are good ideas. (If you’re somewhat modest, you can wear flesh-tone leggings underneath.) If you want to be a gigolo, try going shirtless with a layer of baby oil (or a mostly unbuttoned peasant shirt) and the tightest pants you can squirm into.

Emo – Just dress in nothing but black and wear black eyeliner. You can add some silver chains, but too many and people might think you’re a Goth. Act depressed and carry a book of bleak poetry.

Badly wrapped package – Get a roll of brown wrapping paper or collect up a bunch of paper bags and cut them open. Wrap yourself in the brown paper using clear packing tape. Be messy. Draw on a blank index card to make a stamp and affix it to your chest. Have someone scribble an address across your midsection with a fat marker.

Quasimodo – Wear whatever clothes you want, and put a pillow under your shirt at the shoulders to form the hump. Depending on what you wear you can be Quasimodo on spring break, Quasimodo on a ski trip, etc.

Construction worker – Worn-out jeans, a dirty t-shirt, work boots and some tools are all you really need. Add a hard hat if you have one around. Wear a tool belt to become a carpenter.

Tourist – Wear clothes that are obviously inappropriate for the area you’re in, stuff maps and brochures in your pockets, wear a fanny pack and carry a camera or two.

Crazed killer – Wear whatever you want, carry a butcher knife and splatter both the knife and yourself with either costume blood or corn syrup mixed with red food coloring. Mess up your hair and act insane for a better effect.

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