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Charms, Herbs and Gemstones for Attracting Love and Romance

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Love is truly a wonderful thing. Being in a healthy, loving relationship is something that almost everyone wants. Unfortunately, finding and keeping love can be tricky. There may be singles meetups and dating apps, but sometimes that’s just not enough. To help out all those folks who are looking for love, I’ve compiled this list of magical tips and tricks that may get you the deep, lasting love that you desire.

Love Knots

Tying knots in cord is a very old form of magic. Typically, a number of knots are tied into a piece of cord while focusing on the desired goal. While often used for protection or wealth, there are knots that can be used for love. The True Lover’s Knot and Celtic Heart Knot are examples of this. (To learn these knots, you can check out these videos for the True Love Knot and Celtic Heart Knot.) Often, three sets of seven knots are used to make the most potent knot charm. If you have a negative association with these numbers, you can change them. Sets of eight or nine also have power.

It’s important that your focus remain clear while trying the knots. Don’t think about loneliness or the lack of love, only of gratefully welcoming love and romance into your life in whatever way it may come to you. If you’re not putting the right energy into the charm, you won’t get the right results.

You can also embellish your love knot cord by stringing beads between the groups or into each knot. Red, pink and white are the best colors for love and purity. You can also add decorative hearts or flowers to the bottom or the cord as a more visual representation of the love you want to attract. Once complete, carry the cord or hang it where you will see it often, and whenever you look at it, think of the love that’s being attracted into your life.

Wearing and Carrying Love

Another way to attract love and romance into your life is to wear or carry gemstones that are attuned to those energies. You can carry a stone in your purse or pocket, or you could buy (or make) jewelry with love stones. We have some great jewelry featuring love stones that you can check out, or find items with one or more of the following stones:

Agate, emerald, jade, lapis, malachite, pink calcite, rose quartz, topaz, zircon

The Apple Love Charm

Apples are actually a potent love symbol. It’s said that you can cut an apple in half and share it with someone, and if they’re compatible, you’ll fall in love. Apple blossom petals can also be added to the wax of a homemade candle (or you can buy an apple blossom candle). When the candle is burned, it will draw your true love closer.

Growing Love

If you can grow an avocado plant in your home, it’s said to be a potent love attractor. Eating the fruit will bring love and incite lust. Growing an apple tree indoors or close to a doorway can also attract love. To keep love thriving in a home, plant bleeding heart, honeysuckle, magnolia or willow near your home.

Surround Yourself With Love

A simple trick to keep your mind in a loving place is to put love symbols around your room or home. Hearts, roses, pictures of loving couples, wedding imagery or anything that makes you think of love and being loved can be used. Put up as little or as much as you like. By surrounding yourself with love imagery you can keep your mind in a place of feeling loved. Just remember not to use anything that makes you feel sad. For instance, if you want to find love and marriage, and wedding imagery just makes you feel lonely, don’t use it. Only surround yourself with things that bring a sense of joy or anticipation.

Colors of Love

Red is a classic color for love, and pink represents romance and deep friendship in a relationship. Adding these colors to your decor or clothing can help you feel the energies of love. It can also be a good practice to burn candles of these colors while meditating on or thinking about bringing love into your life. Remember to keep yourself open to various ways of finding love.  Don’t limit the universe, you never know what ways it might choose to bring you love or an improvement to your relationship.

Herbs for Love and Romance

Herb magic has been around for a long time, and herbs, both in scent and in energy, can be a great way to bring your desires into reality. Burning or carrying herbs is a great way to use their magical energy. Here are some herbs that can attract or enhance love and romance:

Acacia, acai (which is also good for sex magic), Adam and Eve root, allspice, almond, aloe, apple, ash (tree), aster, avocado, bachelor’s button, barley, basil (also ends lover’s quarrels), bay, beet, birch, bleeding heart, burdock, capers (also for lust), capsicum (peppers of any kind also encourage fidelity), caraway (especially in a poppet), catnip, chamomile, cherry, chestnut, chickweed, cinnamon, clove, clover, coriander, cumin, daffodil, daisy, dill, elm, fennel, fern, fig, gentian, ginger, ginseng, hibiscus, honeysuckle, hyacinth, jasmine, juniper, lavender, leek, lettuce, licorice (also for fidelity), lily, lime, lotus, magnolia, mango, maple, marjoram, mint, oleander, orange, orchid, pansy, papaya, passion flower, passion fruit, patchouli, peach, pear, poppy, raspberry, rose, rowan, saffron, skullcap, strawberry, tamarind, tarragon (also considered an aphrodisiac), thyme, valerian, vanilla, violet, willow, yarrow

We carry Love Rice and Love Spell herbs in our shop. If you’re not into making your own mixes, these are a great way to go.

(For more magical uses of plants and foods, try the Herbal Magic Correspondences Guide.)

If you know of any other love charms or spells, feel free to share in the comments.

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    Todd Puntolillo

    Years ago I kept a romantic photo on my wall. It was a young American Indian male and female, back to back, holding hands and looking into the sky. I also had a large number of photos and mini-statues of Merlin the Magician (also spelled Merlyn.) One day I realized the Indian couple were gazing in opposite directions. Not good! I took it down and soon after my wife to be appeared. By the way, her real name is Merlyn.
    I’ve told people for a long time, “It is very easy to love someone but not so easy to live with them.” Be sure you can do both before you sign any documents. Having a love is better than being married to someone you don’t like living with.


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      Briana Blair

      Thank you for letting me know! I’ve updated it.

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