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Charms, Herbs and Gemstones for Attracting Health and Beauty

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There’s nothing quite like feeling healthy, beautiful and vibrant. When you feel your best, you radiate a wonderful energy out to others and into everything you do. Unfortunately, we don’t always look or feel as great as we want to. To help out anyone who’s looking for a bit of a health or confidence boost, I’ve compiled this list of magical tips and tricks that can help you feel like your best self every day.

The Beauty Mirror

Mirrors have long been used in magical practices. From reflecting negativity to scrying to absorbing spirits, there’s a rich history behind the use of mirrors in magic. The Beauty Mirror is another way to use this powerful item.

To make a beauty mirror, you’ll need some sort of mirror. If you live alone you can use your bathroom or bedroom mirror, you can use a handheld mirror, or in a pinch you can use a compact with a mirror in it. Decorate the mirror by gluing beauty-related flower petals, herbs and gemstones around the edges, and even on the back. Every time you look in the mirror, repeat something along the lines of “I’m becoming more beautiful inside and out.” Focus on feeling beautiful, healthy and confident. Find your best angles, the parts of yourself that you love, and focus on them. You’re not to use it for looking for or at any perceived flaws, only the best of who you are. As you keep using the mirror, it becomes infused with energy, and you’ll see the results as time goes by.

Wearing and Carrying Beauty and Health

Another way to attract beauty and health into your life is to wear or carry gemstones that are attuned to those energies. You can carry a stone in your purse or pocket, or you could buy (or make) jewelry with health and beauty stones. We have some great jewelry featuring healing stones that you can check out, or find items with one or more of the following stones:

Health: agate, garnet, iolite, jet, peridot, sunstone, zolsite

Beauty: amber, jade, moonstone, opal, orange zircon, red jasper, rhodocrosite, rose quartz, turquoise

Poppets for Health and Beauty

Poppets are small fabric dolls, often filled with herbs and other items. They are used in “sympathetic magic” where the doll represents a person. If you’re crafty, you can make your own poppet by cutting out two person-shaped pieces of fabric and sewing them together, leaving a space for stuffing. (You can also buy unfilled poppets.) Add stuffing to the poppet, along with herbs, stones or other small items that represent your goal. See the doll as yourself, and the items as the energy you’re infusing into yourself. For extra power, add a lock of your hair or a drop of your blood to the stuffing. Sew it shut and whenever you touch or look at the doll, think of the energies that it is bringing to you. You can also hide the doll away, knowing that it’s bringing you your desires. By the way, your doll doesn’t have to be fancy. You can make it as simple or as ornate as you want depending on your desires and skill level.

Growing Health

You can go double duty in the health department by growing healing herbs in your home. Whether they’re for internal or external healing, even if they don’t apply to any conditions you have, growing medicinal herbs brings their healing energy into your home. The simplest healing plant to grow is aloe, which is great for burns and scrapes. Sage, valerian and catnip can also be grown indoors in pots. With a little research, you can find a variety of healing herbs that can be grown indoors.

Surround Yourself With Health and Beauty

One way to maintain a healthy and beautiful mindset is to put symbols of these things around your room or home. Flowers, bright things, light colors, anything that makes you think of a spa or peaceful escape and images of beautiful things can be used. Put up as little or as much as you like. By surrounding yourself with this imagery you can keep your mind in a place of feeling healthy and beautiful. Don’t use anything that reminds you of an ailment you may have, or of any feelings of inadequacy. For instance, it’s not good to use images of people you consider beautiful, because you’ll be comparing yourself to them. Only use images, items and colors that make you feel your best.

Colors of Health and Beauty

Red, white, brown, gold and light blue are good colors to attract health, while yellow, lavender and green are more aligned with beauty. Adding these colors to your decor or clothing can help you feel the energies of healing and beauty. It can also be a good practice to burn candles of these colors while meditating on or thinking about bringing health and beauty into yourself. Keep yourself open to various methods of attaining health, and be kind to yourself when you think of beauty. You’re probably already more beautiful than you think.

Herbs for Health and Beauty

Herbal magic has been around for a long time, and herbs, both in scent and in energy, can be a great way to bring your desires into reality. Burning or carrying herbs is a perfect way to use their magical energy. Here are some herbs that can attract or enhance health and beauty:

Beauty: avocado, catnip, evening primrose, ginkgo, ginseng, jojoba, neem, rose, rose geranium

Health: allspice, amaranth, apple, ash (tree), balsam fir, barley, bay, blackberry, carnation, cedar, cherry, coriander, cucumber, eucalyptus, fennel, flax, gardenia, garlic, ginger, hazel, honeysuckle, jojoba, juniper, lavender, lemon, lotus, mint, mugwort, nettle, oak, olive, onion, orange, peppercorn, peppermint, pine, rose, rosemary, saffron, sage, sandalwood, thistle, thyme, vervain

(For more magical uses of plants and foods, try the Herbal Magic Correspondences Guide.)

If you know of any other health and beauty charms or spells, feel free to share in the comments.

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