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Chanting To Ease Or Stop Pain

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Several years ago I started learning about Buddhism and various chants. I made myself a Japa Mala and started using those chants. I’ve actually found that it can be incredibly helpful in a variety of ways.

I chant for various different reasons, but one of the greatest things I’ve found is chanting to relieve pain. I have a number of health issues that I’m working on, and I have quite a bit of pain some days. I’ve found that chanting can make the pain less, or in many cases, make it disappear completely.

The chant I use most is “Om tare tutarre ture soha”. This is a common Buddhist healing chant, referred to as the Green Tara Mantra. I’ll focus my mind on the area that hurts, and begin chanting. I sometimes also envision an infinity symbol with a ball of light traveling around it. I try to get the ball to move at a smooth, even pace around the infinity symbol, over the affected area. I continue chanting for 108 repetitions or until the pain is gone. Often the pain is gone before I reach 108.

I haven’t gotten it to work well for severe head pain, but I’ve gotten it to work for just about everything else. Of course, I have a low tolerance for head/tooth pain and it’s very hard to focus when I have it. I’ve managed to deal with a lot of other nasty pains though.

I’ve actually found that the Om Tare chant can not only stop pain, but heal an ailment. I’ve used it to improve or eliminate some of my health conditions with good results. To achieve it I chanted a full mala every morning and every night while focusing on the issue until I didn’t have any more symptoms. My dad experienced results as well. He didn’t want to think about possible surgery, but he was having trouble seeing, so he asked if the mantra would do any good for him. Now, you need to understand, he’s not a very spiritual person. He’s just an old-fashioned country guy in his 70’s. I was pretty stunned when he asked, but I happily made him a japa mala and taught him the chant. (I’ve got to admit, hearing a Buddhist chant with a deep south accent gave me a little giggle, but I got him through it.) He used the chant every morning, and sure enough, his eyesight improved! He recently went to get new glasses, but he’s not going to need the surgery that was being talked about before he started chanting.

Have you found unconventional/spiritual ways to deal with pain and illness? Have you ever used “Om tare” to ease your pain?

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    That japa mala is pretty!

      Briana Blair

      Thank you. I made it myself.


    I find the Nembutsu also works: Na Man Da Bu. I used to use the chant “Nam Mye Ho Renge Kyo” to deal with pain but when it really, really hurts I need the shortest, most effective chant possible. Na Man Da Bu is the short version of Namo Amida Butsu. It allows you to completely surrender & entrust all to the light & compassion of the eternal universal Buddha: Amida Buddha. Try it when things are worst, focus on accepting the pain & it magically disappears. I need not chant out loud, just in my head with a heart full with gratitude & surrender to the moment… dealing with a bad ear ache now and it has helped quite a bit!

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