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Meditate Person Spiritual - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Leveling Up Spiritually

Not too long ago I wrote a post about how I was making my spiritual and self-help practices more a part of my daily life. Well, I’m also doing something else. It may seem a little crazy, but I believe it’s going to be good for me. If you know

Demon Monster Devil Image: Public Domain, SXC

Evil is a Human Construct

So many people like to throw around the words “good” and “evil”. There really is very little that is black or white in that department. Mostly, “Evil” is just “What I perceive as not good from my point of view.” Nature doesn’t have good and evil. It doesn’t exist. Things


What is the Real Meaning of Immortality?

Some people say that they want to be immortal. They want to live forever. But have you ever stopped to wonder what immortality truly is? Is there more than one way to achieve it? Immortality is basically eternal life. When most of us hear the word we think of the

Japa Mala Prayer Beads - Image: © Briana Blair

The Way of Universal Balance: Chanting

Many faiths use chanting in their spiritual practices. Chanting is rhythmically repeating something over and again. One may chant prayers, mantras or names of deities. The rhythm and repetitive nature of chanting works to ingrain the idea into the mind of the chanter, and can also be used to prepare

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