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Kids Need Breakfast To Start Their Day Right

  I recently became a part of the No Kid Hungry blogger program, and today’s email from them sparked thoughts for a post. The email was about funding school breakfast programs. i can remember being a kid and relying on that program, so it actually strikes close to home. When

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Mess Hall Food and Omelets to Order

As many of you may or may not know, I am a veteran. I was in the US Army and I had the dubious pleasure of eating at Army mess halls. Needless to say, Army food is often quite bad. Not always, mind you, but often enough that I taught

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You’re Not Worthy – Women as Baby Factories

Some people consider women who can’t bear children to be worthless It’s hard to imagine, but there are still people in the US who think a woman is worthless if she can’t bear children. Is a woman truly less valuable if she can’t have children? A woman, after having a

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WalMart Would Rather Close than Pay Workers?

I was just reading an article on Think Progress and it makes me really glad that we rarely ever go anywhere near WalMart stores anymore. Quite some time ago the horrible practices of WalMart stores toward their employees, coupled with bad service, low product quality and lack of selection caused

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Mauling of the English Language

It really irks me that there are so many people in this country that can’t or won’t speak the language. Now, I’m not talking about some foreigner that’s been in the country for 2 weeks and can’t speak English very well yet. That is fully understandable. I’m talking about people

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Legalizing Prostitution – Boon or Bane?

Legalizing prostitution is a hot-button topic. Would it be good for society and the economy, or would it make things worse? I have always been a big supporter of legalized prostitution. While I may not be a big fan of paying for sex, I can see the bigger picture and

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