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Rats Deserting a Sinking Ship

I wrote this back in early 2009, but strangely enough, it’s still relevant. I guess some things are harder to change than others. I wonder how long this will remain relevant to current events and society. —————————————————————— Somebody wanna explain to me how a conservative, arrogant, technologically and economically inept

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Extremists Everywhere

Extremists come in many colors, flavors (mmm .. chocolate), creeds, origins and types but they all have many things in common. Whether their particular type of extremist view is vegan, atheism, christianity, islam, wicca, pro-life, or whatever ignorant hate spewing view is popular this week, they all do the same

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No Child Should Ever Go Hungry

You’ve probably noticed that I’ve become a No Kid Hungry Blogger, and since I’ve been talking a lot about food today, it was a natural shift to come to this topic. It makes me incredibly sad that there even has to be something like the No Kid Hungry program, and

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Political Correctness and Reality TV

I’m sure you have heard a lot of people talking about being politically correct over the years. I have no doubt that for most people, the idea of being politically correct is in the context of “things that annoy”. I’m one of those people, and frankly, I’m a little confused.

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Why Is AutoCorrect On Cell Phones So Filthy Minded?

Okay, I know that this barely fits into the Society category and should probably go under Humor or Entertainment, but it’s Thursday, and I’m trying to stick with the theme, so I’m putting it here. Cell phones and digital devices are ubiquitous and totally a part of modern society, so,

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The School System Needs A Major Shift

Earlier today I wrote a post about the school breakfast program and it got me to thinking about how messed up our current education system is. A while back I wrote about how in the US the prison budget is determined by the test scores of grammar school children. The

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