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diablo 3 box

Diablo 3 on the Couch – A Review

My wife Briana and I have been looking for a good couch co-op game for the xbox for a very long time. We had a few favorites when we had a playstation and we played them together quite often. The Baldurs’ Gate and Norrath games were particularly awesome.

Dirty Stash Fall Apple Soy Melt Review

In my most recent package from Dirty Stash she included a free sample of her Fall Apple Soy Melts. There were two cubes in a little baggie. I always love getting free samples from her, they’re almost always something great. I gave the baggie a sniff when I found them

IQ Natural Mineral Makeup Review

I am completely in love with my mineral makeup, so here’s a review of the brand I’ve been buying. Name: IQ Natural medium sample kit with 5 piece brush set What you get: Setting powder, bisque concealer, 2 foundations, bronzer, 2 blushes and 2 eyeshadows Price comparison: The sample kit

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