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Say Hello to Mr. Goofy Frog

Yesterday Eric and I were sitting outside on the deck trying to enjoy the outdoors for a bit before the storm hit us. I don’t know how he even saw it, but he said he caught movement near a tree out in the back yard. He said he saw a

Squirrel Animal Cute - Image; Public Domain, Pixabay

Squirrels are Just so Darn Cute!

I was just outside taking a break and a couple of the local squirrels were out in the yard. I love watching the squirrels, and all the other animals that find their way into our yard and the surrounding area. Squirrels can be really cute. I enjoy watching them bounce

Some Beautiful Weeds From My Lawn

 Remember I was saying how I was out trying my hand at some macro photography? Well, here are some of the results. The first image is some pretty little flowers. I have no idea what they are, but that’s true of many of these plants. It’s too bad you can’t

I Caught The Cutest Little Frog!

I was out roaming around the yard taking photos and the coolest thing happened. I was in the neighbor’s driveway and realized that the pebbles were moving! Turns out, they weren’t pebbles, they were little frogs. The land is flooded over that way, and we can hear the frogs at

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