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My Ionantha Air Plants Have Arrived!

Yesterday I told you all that my air plants would be here soon. They were supposed to be delivered yesterday, but they didn’t arrive until today. To my surprise the package wasn’t brought to the door, it was left in the box. Luckily, the plants didn’t sit there long. I

Creepy Fungus Creates Zombie Bugs

I’ve been sitting here trying to get some inspiration for writing, and decided to go to The Featured Creature, which I mentioned in a post yesterday. I was looking at the Euonymus Leaf Notcher, which led me to a post about Arsenura caterpillars, which led me to… Wait for it…

Inspiration From Nature and Pixabay

[laughs] I think it’s pretty funny that I just got done writing a post about how my mind went blank and I didn’t have any inspiration, and here I am writing another post already. Well, I guess this goes to show that if you relax and just flow with what’s

A Large, Strange, Persistent Beetle

When I got up today and opened my bedroom door, I got quite a shock. There was this BIG dark thing squirming around on the floor. It scared the crap out of me at first because I didn’t know what it was. My first thought was that it might be

Nature Can be Amazing: Flowers

Nature is so amazing. there are so many things going wrong in the world that people tend to lose sight of all the beauty that’s around us every day. I don’t get out much, but when I used to be able to I loved looking for all the hidden treasures

Dragonflies are Pretty and Cool

I’m bored and having trouble writing, so i decided to browse Pixabay to see if the images there would give me any inspiration. Sure enough, that photo of a dragonfly sparked something in my mind. I’ve always thought dragonflies were pretty cool. They’re like nature’s helicopters. As big as they

The 3 Rs: Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

I wrote this blog down a week or so ago, and didn’t post it because it seemed too random. (As if that had ever stopped me before.) But after seeing things in the news about the trash crisis in Italy and other stories, I’ve decided to go ahead and post

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