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Adam Lambert’s Eyebrows

Oh my heavenly goodness! Have you seen Adam Lambert’s eyebrows? They’re almost unnatural. I swear those things are entities unto themselves, just sitting on his face doing all sorts of perfectly choreographed wonder. I have *never* seen anyone else who can make their eyebrows dance like that! I’ve got to

Finger Shaped Bacon Chew Toys

Weird title, right? Well, I’m weird. You should be used to that by now. The title means something though. It’s a product I’d like to see created. “She said what now??” Yup, I want someone to make finger-shaped bacon-flavored chew toys. Oh, and I want them to be for people,

Cat Jynx Animal - Image: © Briana Blair 2013

Why Do Cats Stare At Nothing?

You’ve seen it before: There’s your cat, sitting on the floor or a piece of furniture, rapt attention on absolutely nothing. Being human and wondering what’s up, you position yourself to try to view the same spot as the cat. Is there a bug? Is there a ghost? Is it

Gift Box Present - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Happy UnBirthday To Me And You

You know, the older I get the more I think birthdays are silly. Why do we take a day out of every year to remind ourselves and the world that we’re older? After a certain point, birthdays just tend to make people unhappy. Sure, you might get presents, but even

Cat Jynx Animal - Image: © Briana Blair 2013

Psychic Inconvenience Kitty Strikes Again

Cats are psychic. They must be. it’s their gift. They know the absolute worst time for anything. You’ve just settled down with a book, your crocheting or something that requires your attention. Somehow your cat who was dead asleep three rooms away knows this and is magically in your lap,

Stealth and Anti-Gravity Modes in House Cats

Cats are awesome. They’re cute and lovable and sometimes funny as all heck. They’re also tricky li’l buggers too. Enter Stealth Mode: This is the mode where, even though your cat has both a bell and a tag on their collar, they somehow manage to move around the house without

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