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I Take Your Sock, I Leave You Twist Tie?

I swear our house is inhabited by sock gnomes. And not your normal sock gnomes. No, these little fellows are a special variety. Have you ever had the joy of finding one sock missing? You take two off, put them on the floor or in the hamper. Two. Definitely. Somewhere

Jynx: Type Later Mommy, I’m Being Cute

I’m so glad Eric was able to get one clear shot of this, because it’s so cute. Jynx loves her mommy. Sometimes too much. It’s pretty common for her to get into my lap while I’m sitting here working. It’s also fairly common for her to make it really hard

Your Slipperz Iz tha Comfy

No, I didn’t suddenly forget how to spell, I’m just having a Cheezburger moment. If you somehow have managed to use the internet and not know what that means, I command you to Google it right after you read this. AFTER you read this! Otherwise you’ll be too busy laughing

Seriously Cat? I Can Hear Your Hair!

I love Jynx, I really do, but sometimes she really drives me crazy. I think that might be part of their purpose on Earth, to test the limits of human sanity. If so, they do their job well. So I’m sitting here trying to type, and Jynx decides that she

Animal Cuteness: You Be a Pretty Birdy

We have tried to teach Stoli a lot of words and phrases over the 4 years we’ve had him. Sometimes he catches on, sometimes he doesn’t. Sometimes he learns something, says it for a while, then refuses to say it ever again. And then… Sometimes he just picks something up.

Stoli Cockatiel Bird - Image: © Briana Blair

The Feathered Alarm Clock

I’ve written about Stoli before but he keeps doing things cute enough to write about. I can’t remember when he started it, but at some point he decided that he needed to be our alarm clock. His cage is in our bedroom so he’s safe from the cat. He gets

Say Hello to Mr. Goofy Frog

Yesterday Eric and I were sitting outside on the deck trying to enjoy the outdoors for a bit before the storm hit us. I don’t know how he even saw it, but he said he caught movement near a tree out in the back yard. He said he saw a

I Taught My Bird the Best Command Ever!

Most good pet owners will teach their bird a few little commands such as “up”, “perch”, or “swing”. I’m a good pet owner, but by no means a normal one. being the oddball that I am (And Stoli is just like his mama in that regard) I taught my bird

Stoli Cockatiel Bird - Image: © Briana Blair

Having Conversations With the Bird

Sometimes I think I might be a little bit crazy. Or weird. Or maybe both. Okay, there’s no thinking, I know I am. But some days I feel a little bit crazier and weirder than others. Stoli, my Lutino Cockatiel loves people time. He loves being picked up and hanging

Squirrel Animal Cute - Image; Public Domain, Pixabay

Squirrels are Just so Darn Cute!

I was just outside taking a break and a couple of the local squirrels were out in the yard. I love watching the squirrels, and all the other animals that find their way into our yard and the surrounding area. Squirrels can be really cute. I enjoy watching them bounce

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