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Awesome Grilled Cheese Options

I really like grilled cheese sandwiches. All crispy on the outside and melty on the inside. As great as they are normally, you can make them even better. One option is to use different kinds of cheese. my favorite is a slice of Velveeta with a slice of provolone. Velveeta

Veggie Omelet Bacon Egg Food

Cooking At Home Is Great

Eric and I love to cook, and we’re both good at it. Cooking at home is great because you can have awesome meals that cost less than frozen, you know what goes into them, and you can have leftovers. I’ve always believed that everyone should know how to cook. I

Briana’s Recipes: Twisted Chicken

This recipe came about from leftovers. I was just eating what I had in the fridge, loved the combination, and turned it into an actual recipe and meal. Mom came up with the name for it. “Briana’s weird chicken thing” wasn’t cutting it. *laughs* Ingredients 3 boneless, skinless chicken breasts

Turkey Soup Vegetables Food - Image: © Briana Blair

Main Dish Recipe: Best Ever Turkey Soup

My Amazing turkey soup gets even better! If You’ve Tried my “Amazing” turkey soup, this is even better! I’ve created a new recipe, and it’s sure to become a family favorite for your family, as it is with mine. Some years back I invented the original turkey soup recipe. I

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