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Cartoons Then and Now

I know I’ll probably sound like one of those “old” people when I type this but I just have to. I’ve made it no secret that I like cartons. I’m not just talking about animated movies and such, there is a difference after all.

raccoon eating from can

My Love of Nature and Food

I have a deep respect for nature and all the living things in it. I love to see wild animals run through my yard, and I like to watch the birds. I smile when I see the riot of color in a meadow of wildflowers. I know that each of

Television Flatscreen TV

My Rules for Reality TV

It’s no secret that I’m not a fan of reality TV shows. I tend to prefer fiction or documentary for my watching pleasure. I have however noticed that there are a FEW shows I watch that could be considered reality TV. These shows tend to have some things in common

sun planet universe space

Contemplating the Universe

Have you ever taken the time to contemplate the universe? It’s scope is vast, some say infinite. I must admit, I contemplate the universe on a regular basis. I find the universe to be endlessly fascinating. The breadth and scope of it is breathtaking in the extreme. Is it finite

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