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Reading More Books, Watching Less Television

I made a decision earlier this week to do something important. I’m going to watch less television and read more books. Books and reading engage different parts of the brain. You can learn new words, experience stories in a different way and much more. I haven’t read nearly enough over

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Being On The Internet Is No Excuse for Bad Spelling and Grammar

Sometimes I really dislike using the internet. Why? Because people seem to think that being on the internet gives them a legitimate reason to sound like undereducated morons. “IM speak” and “internet shorthand” have taken over, and people can’t even form coherent sentences anymore. It’s sad , and there’s not

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Relaxing Games – What Are Your Favorites?

In a world overflowing with games that involve shooting, killing, running, jumping, blasting and other activities that get your heart pumping and fingers cramping, it can be hard to find games that have a more mellow approach. As a matter of fact, I’m having a very hard time with it.

Emoticon Defense Insane

Conquered! Emoticon Defense on Insane

Well, after months of trying, I finally beat the last Insane level map on Emoticon Defense 🙂 There are 6 maps available on MindJolt and 6 more on BlessFlasher, and I finally beat every single one of them. I’m rather happy with myself at the moment. This game is a

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