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Why Is Changing So Damn Hard?

So, I was sitting here playing Crimsonland, trying to relax a bit because I’ve been sick for days, and something popped into my head. I’ve been working a lot lately to improve my online security and privacy, I’m looking into alternative to get away from the mega-corps, and I have

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A Complete Rant About Feminism 2

I thought that I had this whole feminism thing out of my system, but apparently I don’t. There are still things cropping up that are bothering me. Shortly before I made the first post live, I realized that I hadn’t talked about the feminist double-standard I’ve been seeing regarding beauty.

pen and paper

Pondering, Changing and Writing

Yesterday the thought occurred to me that if I want to grow as a person and put my best energy forward for the universe, I may want to go through the blog and pull all of the negative, ranting posts. They’re what I felt at the time, but that kind

Think Brain Idea Light Bulb Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

Rearranging Ideas and Getting Crafty

Sorry for the lack of posts lately. Life can get you sidetracked sometimes, plus, I took some personal time to get away from things and focus on my health. Today though, I’m getting back on track by sorting out my crafting ideas list. I have this Google Doc with all

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