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404 – To Be Loved

404 – To Be Loved   Oh, to be loved Truly Deeply And with wild abandon Love is not a prize To be won But a gift To be given It should be Laughter And lust And tender touch Brought together And shared Oh yes To be loved — Enjoying

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154 – The Sons Of War

154 – The Sons Of War   Our sons were given guns and knives We thought the world they’d save But they were just like picks and shovels To dig out their own graves. We sent our sons to war And brought back their remains. And the ones who came

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6 – Ignorance

6 – Ignorance   Am I bad? Or am I good? I’m a little of both, And just misunderstood. I know you can’t fathom The depths of my mind. It’s not that I’m crazy, It’s just that you’re blind. So what if my mind Is on a different level? Just

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5 – Sadness

5 – Sadness   There’s too much sadness. It tears me up. I can’t stand it. Will it drive me crazy? Can I make it through? On my own, Single-handed? It’s all a big conspiracy. Screaming, beating, Lying, backstabbing, cheating. And they don’t think it hurts me. I feel like

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4 – Change

4 – Change   My life is Full of pain Day and night Tears fall like rain. My world is being torn apart Slowly day by day. And all the while I pray for change. Every day I hear them scream and shout. I’ve thought about dyin’ and gettin’ out.

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3 – The Devil

3 – The Devil   Prince of Darkness, God of Night, Clock strikes midnight, he takes flight. Through the sky on wings of fire, He comes to grant your heart’s desire. There He stands, arms open wide, Here lies true love, just come inside. He wraps you in a fierce

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2 – Midnight

2 – Midnight   Sky of black and moon of gold, What things does the nighttime hold? Things of evil, things from hell, Creatures that I know so well. Goblins frolic and wolflings stalk, The Devil through the mist does walk. The dead rise up from age-old graves, And terrors

Reaper Hood Death - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

1 – Death

1 – Death   Death is the only escape from pain in the light, It wraps you in the arms of eternal night. Death takes you to a place of peace, This, my friend, is the ultimate release. The devil calls, you needn’t wait, Cross over the border; walk through

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