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Can You Unintentionally Curse Yourself?

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Watch those negative thoughts, they’re magick!

Whether you believe in curses or not, it may actually be possible for you to have serious negative impact on your own life, and in a way, put a curse on your own life.

Belief in curses. Belief in curses is quite common among many faith groups including Paganism, Wicca and Voodoo, among others. In most of these belief systems a curse is cast on one person by another. Curses are created to punish someone for something the person creating the curse believes they have done wrong. Curses are often cast on those who lie, cheat, steal, are unfaithful or have done other unsavory things. Sometimes curses are laid upon people simply out of anger. A practitioner might curse someone who wouldn’t date them or someone who spoke ill of them.

While many people believe deeply in the concept of curses, and may go so far as to take action to avoid or protect themselves from curses, many consider such things to be superstitious nonsense. Faith usually plays a large role in whether or not any magickal act, whether positive or negative, will have effect. However, even the slightest bit of skepticism or doubt can open the door for spells and curses to have effect. It may also be possible for us to perform magick on ourselves without even intending it.

A victim of your own negative thinking. Much the way we can receive great benefit from positive thinking, and it can seem to work a kind of magick in our lives, it is equally possible for your negative thinking to have a greatly damaging effect on your lives. I’m sure you’ve heard more than one person in your life, or maybe even yourself, say “I must be cursed!” This kind of off-hand statement may be more true than anyone believes.

If you are constantly thinking good thoughts and feeling positive about your life, you typically notice a trend of good things happening to and for you, and any bad things can be dealt with and brushed off easily. Conversely, if you keep yourself mired in negative thoughts and feelings, you tend to experience negative events, and as more bad things happen they seem to get worse and worse, and we feel the dark drag of a “curse” on our lives. By perpetuating our own negative thoughts and feelings, we really are placing a sort of curse on ourselves.

It’s easy to think that some outside force like God, Satan, other people or what-have-you is the cause for the apparent curse that keeps you in a negative cycle. While this is possible, it is often that an individual curses themselves through repetitive action and thought processes. As an example, if you go job hunting but don’t get hired, and you feel that you’re “cursed” to never find a job, then you become angry, depressed, or stop looking for work, you have created your own curse, and will suffer the effects of it until you choose otherwise.

Removing your own curse. If we can curse ourselves, the question arises as to whether or not we can remove the curse as well. The answer is yes. What are the steps one would take to remove a curse cast by someone else? Perhaps you make amends with the one you offended. Sometimes you have to do an act of good to make up for the ill you’ve done. Maybe you need to do a personal cleansing, or cast a counter-spell. All of these apply to removing a curse you cast on yourself.

Try to right the wrong you’ve done in life. You can’t change the past, but you can be better in the future, and pay back some debts, whether monetary or emotional or spiritual. You can take steps to clear negativity from your life and your mind, thus making way for you to live a better life and be a better person. As a counter-spell to a self-curse, you could begin using positive thinking and positive action to draw good into your life and eliminate the negativity.

Overall, we all need to be careful of how we think and what we think, and of the habits we allow ourselves to develop. If we live in negativity, doubt and worry, we will curse ourselves to a life of that darkness and nothing more. However, you could take that energy you’re wasting on negativity and turn it into something that will make positive change in your life, and allow you to experience a whole new type of magick.

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