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Can Waves Of Consciousness Energy Cancel Each Other Out?

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Some time back I watched a video about an interesting theory. I’ll have to paraphrase, but the idea was basically that waves of consciousness (energy) can cancel each other out. What this was meant to infer is that if too many people are thinking negative thoughts and committing negative acts, they cancel out the positive ones. Conversely, if more people are thinking positive thoughts and doing positive acts, they cancel out the negative ones. It’s an interesting theory to think about.

The point the video tried to make is that if more people took control over their thoughts and actions rather than simply reacting to what’s around them, they could create a shift in the global energy field that would offset the actions of the reactionary people. They mentioned a test that had been run on a neighborhood where people were asked to meditate on peaceful thoughts each day for a period of time.

The idea behind the test was to see if the amount of positive thoughts people were having would affect the area as a whole. According to what they recorded, crime and negative behavior dropped during the time they were performing the experiment. They believed this to be a clear sign that positive energy could cancel out negative energy. As I recall, similar experiments were carried out in other neighborhoods and cities with the same results. If their findings are accurate, this really does mean that even without direct action or interaction with others, we could actually alter the energy of those around us.

When you think about it, it makes sense. If you’re in a great mood and go into an area where the people are in generally bad moods, it tends to bring you down. If you’re around angry people, you may also begin to feel angry as well. On the flip side, if you’re sad or angry and go into an area filled with people who are happy or kind, your own mood will generally shift for the better. If it works in the small scale in social groups, it makes sense that it could be expanded to have a global effect.

There are actually groups of people that use the internet to schedule and arrange prayer circles and meditation circles for this very purpose. They believe that if enough people come together at the same time with the same energy, they can create a shift globally. I’ve only been able to attend one of these virtual gatherings, but I’d like to do more. I personally believe that such activities can have a positive world effect.

On a smaller scale, we can use the same theories in our daily lives. When we go out into the world we should do our best to share positive, compassionate energy. When we do this, people react to it, whether they realize it or not. Your kindness, understanding and positive energy will positively affect those you directly interact with, as well as those nearby. As the energy changes those people, they spread it to others. I’ve personally done it and it works.

Have you ever experienced shifting other people’s energy? Have you ever taken part in a local or global meditation circle?

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