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Can People Change?

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You see it everywhere. It gets said all the time. They say that people cannot change who they are.

These are lies that have (unfortunately) become truth. They get said so often and passed down to so many generations that they often become true.

Anyone CAN change, it’s merely a matter of will. Will they change?

The greatest enemies of personal growth and change are apathy and cowardice.

How many times a day do you hear someone say that they would do something but it’s “too much trouble” or “not worth the effort” or something to that effect?

How many times do people around you tell you or others that something “isn’t done that way” or “you can’t do that”?

Have you ever asked them why they think so? When someone says you can’t do something, or that it isn’t done a certain way ask them “Says who?”.  I do it all the time when someone tells me that something can’t be done. If you’re going to tell somebody they can’t do something, back up your claim or get over your own cowardice.

Any time you find yourself thinking that something is too hard, or too much effort, Ask yourself why. Are you actually too tired? Or are you just being apathetic and lazy? Are you refusing to change just out of fear? What exactly are you afraid of? Trust me, if you change into a better, stronger person you will receive nothing but praise from anyone who truly cares for your well being.

“One of the few things in this world that you can truly count on is change.” – Eric Peacock

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