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How Can Obesity and Hunger Both Exist?

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Two of the biggest things I’ve been seeing people talk about lately are the American obesity problem and the American hunger problem. When I let my mind go for a bit, these two ideas collide and it really messes with my head.

How can we have a problem with obesity and a hunger problem too? If there’s enough food available for people to eat it and become morbidly obese, then there’s obviously enough food for the hungry people. You can’t engage in that kind of excess if the source isn’t there. If we were really lacking for food, we wouldn’t have many overweight people.

So, just wrap your head around that. Obesity is becoming a problem because people are eating too much. Yes, the unhealthiness of the food is a factor, but in order to become morbidly obese, you need to eat a lot. If there’s enough food for them, we can’t be lacking food for the hungry. There’s enough food, it’s just that some people are getting it and some people aren’t.

We really need to think about where the food is going and why it’s not getting to people who need it. People who consume huge amounts or waste a lot should really think about people right here in the US, and probably in their own town or state that are going hungry. If you can manage to stuff your face to excess while someone else starves, there might be something wrong with you.

On another note, have you ever seen how much food is wasted for food “art” and TV shows? If we were lacking food, those things wouldn’t happen. If we have enough cheese to make a house out of then let it rot, we have enough to give it to hungry people. If there are enough tomatoes to have drunken, scantily-clad women wrestling in a vat of them, we have enough to give them to hungry people.

There is absolutely enough food for everyone in America to eat, and absolutely no excuse for anyone to have to go hungry.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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