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Buy This Seminar Now! Only $2669.99!

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I’ve signed up for a few “free” self-help and personal growth programs like <deleted> and <deleted>*, because there’s always more I can learn, and new ways of thinking. I take what I can get from them and I don’t worry much about the rest. The emails they send me and the pages they lead to can get a bit annoying though.

*Names have been removed because I no longer want to support any member of the self-help industry. I have found that it’s more harmful than good. I’ve left this article up though, because I still think that the cost of self-help programs is outrageous.

I have yet to sign up for a free program that was truly free. You usually get to listen into a few telecasts, but you’re constantly being bombarded by sales pitches for each teacher or guide’s personal program. They try to lure you in with “deep discounts”, and I’m sure there are people who buy in. I don’t give them my money, but I have several reasons for that.

What really gets me is the prices of these programs. I’m not going to say which teacher it was for, but one of the emails I received led to a page where I got a 30-minute audio file followed by what would have been a 5-page printout of pitches for their program. The program cost “only $2669.99!” Only? Really? Do they think we’re all made of money?

The program was 5 audio CDs, one DVD and a workbook. How is that worth over $2600? I’m sorry, but unless watching the DVD or listening to that audio is going to cause me to wake up tomorrow in a new house with the perfect mate in full health and totally happy, it’s not worth that much money. I doubt anything they have to say is worth that high a cost.

And it floats through my mind “Wouldn’t you like to get paid thousands for your wisdom and insight?” Well, yes, but charging that much would actually conflict with my ethics. Even if I were famous enough to demand that much for a program, I never would. See, I believe that if you truly mean to help people, you don’t reserve that help only for the rich. Average people can’t plunk down several thousand dollars for some CDs. I want to help those truly in need, so I would never ask such insane prices. Apparently, many of these guides and gurus don’t share my ethical guidelines.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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