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A Burglary Every 14.4 Seconds, Seriously?

Finger Prints Magnifying Glass
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Finger Prints Magnifying Glass

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I saw a commercial on television yesterday that was selling home security systems, and they said that the reason you need one is because there’s a burglary every 14.4 seconds in the United States. How insane is that?

A statistic like that tells me two things. One, there are too many people. Of course, I think that’s pretty obvious. People are carelessly breeding like rabbits and our population has grown out of control. Responsible breeding and good parenting seem to be terms that most people don’t understand. Simply put though, if there weren’t as many people crammed into the same area together, there’d be less crime.

Second is that society has serious issues. There are too many people who are poor and turning to crime as a way to survive. Then there are people disillusioned with the state of the world who rob others in a desire to take those with more down a peg. Add to that the lack of good parenting and education, and you have a perfect cocktail for crime.

People shouldn’t have to worry about security systems on their homes. I’ve lived in places where the wealthy left their doors unlocked and never worried about those with less taking anything from them. We even had one neighbor who had tens of thousands of dollars worth of lawn and garden equipment in his garage, which he left open and welcomed the rest of us to use at any time. Even in desperate times, no one ever stole from him.

The division between the wealthy and poor is so large that some people actually feel that theft is justified, and that should really say something to people about the state of things. It’s just as bad that there are people so poor and desperate that they feel they have no choice but to steal things to feed their families and pay their bills. We all need to do what we can to make these issues a thing of the past.

If we could start with proper parenting to give children the values they need to be good people, then move on to a full education that gives young people needed life skills, then provide jobs that pay a livable wage and reduce the income gap, we could reduce the level of crime in this country. Instead of expecting crime to happen and trying to protect ourselves from it, we should try to eliminate the reasons that crime happens so that it ceases to be a problem at all.

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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