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Buff Women are Sexy Too

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Sexy Shadows Silhouette Woman - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
Posted by / April 18, 2013 / 0 Comments

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I know we all have our preferences, but I happen to think buff women are sexy. Not female body builders, but chicks with some muscle.

A lot of women who are buff catch hell from other women and men for “looking like a lesbian” or “looking like a dude”. It’s just so stupid. There’s nothing wrong with a woman being in shape and even have some muscle definition. If that’s what makes her feel good, then she should go for it and other people should keep their opinions to themselves.

As for looking like a guy or a lesbian… Excuse me? Are all men muscular? I’ve seen guys who were thin, fat, fit, floppy and every other type. Lesbians too. Guess what folks, you’re morons. Statements like that show how tiny and narrow your minds are. Wake up and get with the program. People come in all shapes and sizes, there’s no absolute standard for any gender or sexual preference. You can’t always tell by looking.

Now, back to the attractiveness factor. Personally, I miss being in good shape. I was a buff little thing for a long time and I loved it. My body just doesn’t have what it takes to stay that way anymore, but I still try from time to time. In other women, I think some muscle can be incredibly sexy. Go Google some photos of Claudia Black from Farscape, Christina Cox from Chronicles of Riddick or Linda Hamilton from Terminator. Tell me you don’t think they’re hot. They were bada$$ hotness.

Of course, you’re entitled to your own opinion. Maybe you like something different. That’s cool. What’s not cool is ever making someone feel bad about how they look because it’s not your personal preference. Go find someone you think is hot and leave the others alone. Don’t make them feel bad because you’re not into them. They have the right to be whatever makes them feel good, so long as it’s not unhealthy. Society is already trying to make people feel bad for not fitting into a narrow, stupid idea of unattainable “perfection”, you don’t need to add to the problem.

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