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Broken Heart Recovery Spell

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I’ve never known why, but over the years a fair number of people have contacted me through the site asking if I knew of a way to get over a broken heart. Both male and female, they’ve come to me asking if I could help them get over a bad breakup and feel whole again. Every time, I share this spell that I wrote for myself when I was in my mid twenties and had a really horrible breakup that tore me apart. It worked for me, and it’s worked for every person I’ve shared it with. I decided today that it was time to just share the spell publicly so that anyone in need could use it.

You’ll need:

1 candle (pink to represent loving kindness and gentleness is best, but white is fine)
A bell or something that will make a pleasant ringing sound like a metal bowl or other item
Small scrap of paper and something to write with
(optional) Herbs like bleeding heart, amaranth, lemon balm, verbena, cedar, ground coffee, yarrow
(optional) patchouli incense


Light your candle. (If you’re using herbs, you can either sprinkle them onto the flame or have them in a dish under the candle.) Light your incense if you’re using one. Write down the name of the person you want to get over. Sit for a moment and think about that person while holding the paper. Think of them only with kindness, and think of how you want to let them go. Think about how free your heart will feel once you let go of the painful memories and feelings. Recite these words silently or aloud:

No more heartache shall I feel
When his/her memory comes to mind.
I shall know my inner strength
Peace and hope I’ll find.
Not another tear be shed
No more pain inside my head.
I’ll be at peace with his/her memory
And he/she will be at peace with me.
As my heart heals, so his/hers shall too
With hearts at ease, we’ll see life anew.
No more tears or sorrowed dreams
Now we’ll see just what life means.
My soul at peace and his/hers as well
So shall it be, when I ring this bell.

Ring the bell. Imagine that the sound is carrying out your wish for healing, and that it is ringing straight through to your heart. Place the paper into the flame of the candle and let it burn. Sit for a while and feel the healing of your heart begin. If you can, allow the candle to burn out fully, and whenever you look at it, remember that your heart is healing, and that you are opening yourself to love and happiness without pain.

This poem can also be found in The Dark Side of My Mind: Volume 8

Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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