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Making The Switch: The Leftovers and Waste

Now that I’m switching so many of my products from commercial ones to natural ones, I’m facing an interesting predicament. What do I do with all the partially-used products that I don’t want anymore? We’re holding on to a few things until we’re sure that we like the natural versions,

Holding Hands Friends Love - Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

A Meditation Session That Made Me Cry

Saturday evening, shortly before dinner, I sat down to do some meditating. I went over to YouTube and picked something from my meditation playlist to listen to. I plugged in my headphones, closed my eyes, and tried to clear my mind. As usual, there were various thoughts trying to get

Polymath – A Label I Could Like

I’m not a big fan of labels, but I learned a word the other night, and it’s a label I could happily apply to myself. The word was polymath. A polymath is someone who learns from everything they encounter and has specialized knowledge in many realms rather than just one.

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