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Breaking The Cycle of False Peace

Posted by / July 8, 2014 / 0 Comments

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There are a lot of people out there who claim to be for world peace. They scream and rant and support organization after organization. They tell you over and over that they support peace and that if only you’d follow their example that world peace would be achievable. My question to you is this: are they supporting peace or enforced obedience?

For centuries governments have risen and fell. All that many of them wanted to accomplish was peace and yet they failed. So why did they fail you wonder? The cycle of revolution doomed them from the start. Government “A” gets too corrupt and too decadent, so people rebel and stage uprisings. The next thing you know, an uprising has given birth to government “B”. Now government “B” goes out of their way to ensure that the evils of the previous government are never repeated. They stamp out anything that remotely resembles or supports anything that their oppressors did. Before you know it, another rebellion is imminent because government “B” has stomped on freedoms that people counted on. The cycle begins again and now government “C” is in place, squashing things that government “B” did and re-instituting things that government “A” did under the impression that if government “B” was so bad then government “A” must have been better. Enforced obedience only leads to more war, it never leads to peace.

This has been going on for CENTURIES, this is nothing new. When you support anything or anyone that tells you to support peace by stomping on your oppressors or utilizing violence, you are contributing to the cycle. Those who don’t learn from the past are doomed to repeat it. Restrict true freedom and choice and we will keep repeating the cycle. Stop supporting obedience and fear based government.

You want to break the cycle and support REAL peace? Then support choice in all things. Support and encourage compassion and cooperation instead of competition and fear. Don’t be afraid to be wrong, embrace freedom. Your freedom begins when you stop being chained by your fear.



I'm an artist, writer, ordained interfaith minister, veteran, spiritualist, androgyne, and piles of other labels that never seem to fit. I'm following my passion and attempting to make myself and the world a better place. I think that through compassion and understanding we can all become one unified race of human beings, and life is better when you remember to play.

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