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Body Modification – Should You Get A Piercing?

Piercings Man Face Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons
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Piercings Man Face Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons

To pierce or not to pierce, that is the question.If you’re considering getting a body piercing, there are some things that you should take into account before going through with it. Being informed will help you make the best decision.

Are you thinking about body modification? If you’re considering getting pierced, you need to know the facts before you do. I piercing might not be as permanent as a tattoo, but it is still a big decision, and you should be informed before making it. Body modification is not something to be taken lightly.

A lot of people think piercings are cool, and they certainly can be. However, you need to really think about what you’re doing before getting one. For one thing, much like a tattoo, a piercing could affect your ability to get or keep a job. If you have piercings that are easily visible, such as facial piercings, a potential boss might be very displeased. Some places will allow you to cover facial piercings with a Band-Aid, but many places will not even hire someone with such adornments.

Another thing to consider is the potential pain. Depending on the area you intend to have pierced and your personal level of pain tolerance, a piercing can hurt like nobody’s business. My navel piercing was incredibly painful. Some people can handle the pain, and some people even enjoy it, but it’s something that you need to have in mind before getting your piercing. Areas with cartilage as well as nipples and genitals are among the most painful.

Infection is also a possibility when getting a piercing. Areas like ears, navel and eyebrows can be easier to take care of than tongue, nose and genitals. These areas can be highly prone to infection, which could cause serious health issues. Before you get a piercing you should do some research and know everything that is involved in taking care of the type of piercing you want, so you will be able to keep yourself healthy.

There are various complications that can occur with a piercing. Tongue piercings can chip your teeth (and will cause you to speak abnormally for quite some time), scars, keloids (lumps of scar tissue), and possible disease from improperly cleaned piercing equipment are all things that can result from body piercing. Also keep in mind that catching a piercing on clothing or other items can be painful, and can even tear the skin to a point that requires surgery to repair. I’ve caught my navel ring on my jeans enough to know that at very least it hurts quite a bit.

While piercings aren’t as permanent as a tattoo, you should never get one thinking you can just take it out if you get sick of it. Depending on the area that was pierced and the gauge of the piercing, you may end up with a permanent hole where the piercing used to be. Also don’t think that you can just take the piercing out if you need to go to work or a formal event. Holes can close even after many months, and you may end up needing to have the area re-pierced. Although “piercing retainers” can be a good way to make a piercing look like a mole or freckle and be less noticeable while keeping the hole open.

If you do your homework to make sure you know about the dangers of piercing, piercing care and how to prevent infection in your piercing, you are well on your way to making a good choice. Figure out where you want your piercing and talk to your local body modification specialist and if possible, others with a similar body modification. Once you have all the information, if you still want your piercing, go for it and enjoy!

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