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Blue Broccoli Sticker Collectors

Broccoli Vegetable Blue - Image: Public Domain, Wikimedia Commons
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Creative Writing Exercise: Name one food (broccoli), one common item (stickers) and a color (blue). Write a short story based on these things.


Once upon a time there was a field. Growing in this field was a most interesting plant. The plant was blue broccoli. It was a lovely shade of royal blue, like you might see on a peacock. The field was filled with these amazing plants. However, the plants themselves were not the most interesting thing here. Living within these unusual broccoli plants was a tiny race of creatures. Smaller than aphids, these tiny beings bustled about among the florets. They were busy and happy going about their little lives. And there is something more interesting still. These infinitesimal creatures spent a large part of their days engaging in their favorite activity. That activity was collecting stickers. Not the decorative adhesive items that you might be thinking of though. No, their stickers are something different. What these little folk call stickers are the itty-bitty bits of pollen, dust, feathers and other items that float in on the wind and become lodged in the florets of their beautiful blue broccoli. Each family of the blue broccoli beings tries to outdo the others by collecting as many stickers as they can. They also pride themselves on finding the most unusual stickers. The best collection was in the center of the blue broccoli field. The family there had amassed a wonderful collection. They had particles of dust, several colors of pollen, a hair from a bee’s back, a cat whisker, and their most prized piece, a glorious red cardinal feather that had required 50 broccoli beings to carry.


Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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