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Being a Beautiful Badass – Clothing Choices and You

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Eric miata car convertibleSo I already said that being a badass has little or nothing to do with your outside, so why write something that is about clothing?

Because it can help, and I don’t have the same tired old shit to say. It gets said that “the clothes make the man” and that “you should dress for the job you want instead of the one you have”, so I have a few things to say about this kind of bullshit.

Clothes will not make you something you aren’t. They will not make you better, or more worthy. For Twinkie’s sake stop trying to use clothing to change yourself. You should dress in a way that is an expression of what you are. Clothing is just a prop, it’s just window dressing folks. It’s a wrapper for a badass, not a symbol of one.

A real beautiful badass is still a badass even if they are stark naked. Wear what suits your individual expression of badass, not what you think people will perceive as badass. If you can rock a clown suit and still be a beautiful badass, awesome!

Now with all that said, I’m gonna throw a wrench in it. What can I say, it’s what I do.

For fuck’s sake, dress appropriately for the weather or occasion. I might be able to rock a clown suit, but I sure as hell wouldn’t wear one to a wedding or funeral (what a strange funeral THAT would be eh?). Who the hell wears arctic boots in summertime anyway? A badass doesn’t care about fashion trends. A real badass wears what they know is the best choice for them and the  occasion.

Personally, I have an awesome hat that I wear anytime I leave the house. I love my hat and never leave the house without it. I also know to take that bitch OFF when I enter someone else’s house, or if I sit down at the table to eat. Wearing a hat to the table isn’t badass, it’s fucking rude. Know something about etiquette and have some manners.

Wear stuff you know looks good on you, that you like. Wear stuff that fits, not what someone else says you should. A badass thinks for themselves, instead of being one of the sheeple.

Ladies, learn something about modesty, I’m begging you. It’s more tantalizing to conceal than to reveal. Stop wearing skirts short enough to see everything. You aren’t at a nudist colony, you’re out in public. Be a beautiful badass, not a skank.

Dress like a badass, not like someone who is pretending. Feel like a badass wherever you are, in whatever you decide to wear.




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