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Behind the Book: Wisdom Bites : 365 Days of Wisdom

Wisdom Bites Book Cover - © Briana Blair
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This book actually started off as an online series. I wanted to share various quotes and tidbits that I’d learned throughout my life with the public, so I started writing them up and putting them on my blog. Once I had all 365 entries, I decided to turn it into a book. I thought that as a book, it would be something that people could easily refer to each day for a small life lesson.

Life is all about learning and changing, and Wisdom Bites reflects that. A lot of the book is what seems to be common sense, but unfortunately that’s something that’s lacking in today’s society. People forget the simple but important lessons of life, and this series-turned-book was my way of trying to remind people. I’m not sure why, but I’ve always felt driven to try to help people to become their best selves. That’s actually what a lot of my writing is about. More of it shows on the blog, but this book is a small piece of me trying to give something good to the world.

There was actually a point where I was going to give up on this project. There’s so much bitterness and ugliness in the world, it was getting hard for me to even care if people became better. I’ve seen so much in this life, and a lot of it hasn’t been good. I go through dark periods now and then where the hate and ignorance of the world just gets to be too much for me to take. If you read the blog, you’ve probably seen those shifts, where I go from light and happy to pretty dark and angry. Of course, that’s just something we have to deal with, and work our way through.

I was really happy when I finally finished this. There’s something really satisfying about setting your mind on a large project and completing it. Of course, it always makes me feel better when I believe that I’ve created something that will bring some good to the world. I think that Wisdom Bites can do that. If people take the time to really reflect on their lives and what’s going on around them, they’ll see that things really need to change, and hopefully start changing. We may not be able to change the whole world all at once, but as we change ourselves and become better people, we add drops to the bucket that eventually become a river of change.

Wisdom Bites : 365 Days of Wisdom
Wisdom Bites: 365 Days of Wisdom
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