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Behind the Book: The Dark Side of My Mind – The Complete Collection

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The Dark Side of My Mind – The Complete Collection
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The Dark Side of My Mind – The Complete Collection

Oh, what a misleading title! I have to laugh at this now, and wonder what I was thinking. I suppose I thought that I wasn’t going to be writing anymore, and that this book would be everything I’d ever done. However, despite a very long dry spell, I did write again, which is why Volumes 9 and 10, and 19 years, 400 Poems exist.

I think that there are 300 poems in this book, and now I’ve written over 400. This is one of the first regular books that I published on Lulu back in 2010. I was new to the whole self-publishing thing, and I wanted to get my work out into the world. I had tried to publish my poetry before, and I had enough rejection letters from publishing houses to wallpaper a small room. The worst part about it was that it wasn’t the quality of my work that got me rejected, it was the fact that I hadn’t paid an agent to send the letters for me. That was really what made me decide to try self publishing. A good writer deserves to get their work out there, even if no big publishing houses want what they write.

This book is only available in print because at the time I didn’t know how to do digital books. I suppose I could have gone back and added digital versions, but with ten other volumes in the series and then the 400 Poems book, I didn’t see any reason to. It’s still for sale though, for those who want to see a large sampling of my work but don’t want to buy every individual volume or aren’t ready for the monster edition that I recently put out.

I’ll talk more about the poems in the posts for each individual volume.

The Dark Side of My Mind – The Complete Collection

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