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Behind the Book: 19 Years, 400 Poems

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19 years 400 poems book cover - © Briana Blair
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19 years 400 poems book cover - © Briana Blair


This book, as the title suggests, was a long time in the making. Nearly two decades of poetry is collected in this one massive volume. It’s not just poetry either, it’s the story of my life.

I’ll talk more about how these poems are a representation of my life when I talk about the individual volumes. This book though, is everything all in one place. If you read it cover to cover, you’ll get a really good look into my life. Granted, I was most often inspired by the pain in my life, but the book isn’t all darkness. There are the lighter points as well. This book is basically everything I felt for almost twenty years.

I decided to do another poetry compilation because… Well, I’m not entirely sure. I had the “Complete Collection” but it wasn’t really complete. Something in me just said that I need to make another big book, something that really came together and offered everything that I’d written to that point. My life story, such as it is. And of course I had to have Eric do a cover for me that was a good representation. He did a fantastic job.

I’ve written some poetry since this was published, but not much. My inspiration for poems comes in spurts and floods, but is rarely constant. That’s just how it works with me. I’ve never learned any of the poetic styles and I don’t try to write poetry, I just let it come to me. Unfortunately, that means that I can go for months, sometimes years without writing anything.

I did add a little something special to this book, in the form of a list of tidbits you probably didn’t know about the series. I thought that it would make the book a little more interesting. I’m horrible at talking about myself and my work, but I can cite facts and numbers fairly well.

I know that a lot of people think that they don’t like poetry, but I really wish that more of them would try it. Poetry is so wildly varied, you can’t possibly dislike all of it. I’m sure that for every person out there, that there is a poet they would love. You just need to break away from that idea that poetry is sappy or boring or only for emos. Poetry is simply a rhythmic expression of someone’s story, like a song, but without the music.

19 Years, 400 Poems
The Dark Side of My Mind - Volume 10
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