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Beef Stoup – Healthy And Delicious Rich Soup

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Beef Stew Soup Food - Image: © Briana Blair
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Beef Stew Soup Food - Image: © Briana Blair


I’m a fan of healthy and tasty food, so I’m going to be sharing photos and write-ups of several of the meals that we make here at my house. We’re on a budget, so most of our meals are relatively inexpensive, even though we eat as fresh as possible. I don’t really do recipes, but I will try to offer guides that will help if you want to reproduce any of our meals.

So this is beef stoup. It’s thicker than soup but not as thick as stew, hence the name. This is a great meal for cold days or if you’re sick. It’s packed with delicious goodness and lots of nutrition.

We made this with a piece of roast, not stew beef. Stew beef can get really tough, so we seared and then slow cooked a small roast. We added water to make a broth, then some flour to thicken. It also has carrots, baby golden potatoes, green beans, corn and peas. There are onions, celery bits and a variety of spices for added flavor. One thing we didn’t use was tomato. I have never liked canned soups that have tomato in them, so I finally got a soup the way I want. We also used very little salt, since most canned soups have a crazy amount of sodium.

This can all just cook in one big pot. It takes a few hours, but not a lot of work. The batch in this photo was made before we stopped using canned vegetables. When we make it again we will use all fresh vegetables. It takes a bit longer to cook fresh vegetables, but it’s much more nutritious and adds a lot of flavor. The peas in particular are amazing. Canned peas and real peas don’t taste the same. Fresh ones have better consistency too. Instead of being mushy they have a wonderful, fresh pop.

You could put any kind of vegetable you want into this stoup. It’s up to you to add what you like. We’ve used other vegetables in our soups depending upon what’s in season or what we’re in the mood for. When my mom was sick, this was one of the things that got her healthy along with my turkey soup, so that attests to the healthiness of it as well. What could be better than a dish that’s both healthy and delicious?

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