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The Joys Of Daily Grooming Rituals

To me, taking care of your body and appearance is part of being the best person you can be. In a society that came from some unsanitary roots and has progressed to most people not really caring, there’s something to be said for the small joys of daily grooming rituals.

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Making Halaweh Sugar Wax Today

A little sidetrack from the deep thoughts of the day… Later today I’m going to be making my first ever batch of halaweh. Halaweh is an all-natural sugar based product for body waxing. I’ve been switching to as many natural products as possible, and also some alternatives to body care

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The Biggest Fashion Mistake Ever

Socks with sandals? Argyle vests? Skinny jeans? Nope, the biggest fashion mistake anyone can make is none of these. So what is the biggest fashion mistake that anyone can make? It’s a big one, and you are probably guilty of it. The biggest fashion mistake anyone can make is… *Drumroll

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Buff Women are Sexy Too

I know we all have our preferences, but I happen to think buff women are sexy. Not female body builders, but chicks with some muscle. A lot of women who are buff catch hell from other women and men for “looking like a lesbian” or “looking like a dude”. It’s

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Natural Breasts are Beautiful

We’ve all seen them: The gravity-defying plastic orbs donned by celebrities and insecure women. We see them everywhere. Hardly a woman on television hasn’t got implants. Does anyone even remember what natural breasts look like anymore? I think about this subject fairly often. Why? Because I realized I was actually

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