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Briana Blair

Artist, writer, ordained interfaith minister, Dr. of Metaphysics and passionate oddball. I love to create, and I love bringing knowledge and joy to others. I've been an artist for 35 years, a writer for 26 and a Pagan for 22. And I'm just getting started! Facebook - Twitter - Google+

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Why Using Witchcraft To Be Cool Is An Epic Level Bad Idea

But I Wanna Be Cool! I happened in the ’90s, and it’s happening again today. Young people are flocking to witchcraft to try to be cool. As Paganism and witchcraft gain more popularity and mainstream acceptance, younger people are “becoming witches” to try to stand out, be different, and be

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Creative Visualizations To Protect Yourself From Negativity and Bad Magick

We All Think Differently I’m sure you’ve seen dozens, maybe even hundreds of articles online telling you how to visualize to protect yourself from negative energy or malicious magick. These techniques almost always center around seeing a white light or rooting into the ground. The words might be a little

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