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Article Ideas For Writers – Giving Away My Abandoned Ideas

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Think Brain Idea Light Bulb Image: Public Domain, Pixabay
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Think Brain Idea Light Bulb Image: Public Domain, Pixabay

I have a habit of keeping a long list of writing ideas. However, I can only write so much, and eventually some ideas go unwritten for so long that I forget what I was going to write, or decide I don’t want to write them anymore. I decided that instead of just deleting the ideas from my list, I’m going to put them out here for all of you writers out there. Maybe they’ll inspire someone, maybe they won’t, but I’d rather share than just throw them away.

If you do get inspired by one of these headlines, please feel free to leave a link to what you wrote as a comment. If you like, you can even link back to me to let people know where you got the inspiration.

Be forewarned, in some cases, I have no idea what I was even thinking when I made the note, so some of these are pretty off-the wall.

  1. The Good and Bad About Spells on Etsy
  2. The Government Is Trying to Regulate Spirituality
  3. Splat! Blue Envy Hair Color Kit Review
  4. Reboot, Darkwing Duck And Other Great Cartoons
  5. Are Celebrities Affected by Playing Villains?
  6. Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mommas, What’s The Big Deal?
  7. The Annoyance Of Services Requiring SMS Verification
  8. Protect Your Privacy, Cover Your Webcam
  9. Are there ways to reduce the income gap?
  10. Be The Best You Can Be At Your Job
  11. Make Money At Home Using Affiliates And Other Programs
  12. Writing Tips: How Google Drive Can Make You A Better Writer
  13. Writing Tips: Spend Time Reading Good Content
  14. Writing Tips: Do Your Best Even When No One Else Does
  15. Ask You Store for Ugly Fruit and Vegetables
  16. Help A Hungry Child By Making an Extra Bag Lunch
  17. Budget Food For Kids
  18. If He Cheated On Her He’ll Cheat On You
  19. If life was narrated by Morgan Freeman even emptying the trash would sound deep
  20. George Takei Should Buy A TV Station
  21. how do you drink with a piercing in your lower lip?
  22. I’d like for aliens to take me away
  23. Why I hate autocorrect
  24. This may be NSFW
  25. American Girl Dolls
  26. Feeling Guilty About Sleeping In Late
  27. Bing Rewards
  28. upcycle crafts – egg carton, tin cans, soda bottle
  29. being a real lady
  30. Americans are arrogant
  31. sex is not a game
  32. racism in school and music
  33. Coming into contradiction with former beliefs
  34. TV shows relate to intelligence – you are what you watch
  35. Naked pictures as proof you’re not “gross”? – Stupid internet crap
  36. Woman ninja warriors
  37. I can’t do the brain thing, I haz a dumb
  38. Quit smoking – show the pros instead of scare tactics – better breath, better tooth and gum health, less stink, easier socializing, saves money
  39. Craig Ferguson – does this need to be said – funny shit
  40. Chris Rock – Never scared – they spinnin’ – black people making fun of their own stereotypes
  41. catnip and chamomile green tea
  42. making ramen healthier
  43. spirituality – when you think they’re crazy and they think you’re crazy
  44. celebrity fantasies age difference
  45. barry gibb looks like barry gibb cuteness
  46. Hamster ass – sexual perversion

There’s still a ton on my list, but those are the ones that I know I won’t use. I really have no clue on #45, but good luck to anyone who gets inspired by it!

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