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Arrowroot Powder for Shiny Skin & Setting Makeup

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This is just a quick post to let you all know about arrowroot powder. I originally bought it to use in homemade deodorant, but have since found that it’s great for my face. How I found that out is actually kind of interesting…

I don’t use setting veil very often, but I had found that on hot days it was good for taking the shine off my skin. What I didn’t realize was that apparently, the stuff can go bad. I was putting it on and it smelled horribly rancid. I washed it off and threw the rest out. I was still in need of something for my face though, so I went poking about the house to see what I could find. I spotted my arrowroot powder and went “Yes!” Arrowroot is used for absorbing moisture, so what could be more perfect for an oily face? I was concerned that it might pale my skin out too much or make my skin feel odd, but it’s actually wonderful. The arrowroot I have is very finely ground and quite smooth, so it goes on just like a good setting veil. It doesn’t change the color of my skin enough to notice at all, and I range from really pale peach in the winter to olive-brown in the summer, and it always seems invisible.

So, this is a great thing for all of you to have on hand. I just use a big ol’ kabuki brush to dust it on and blend it around. I start at my eyes and work outward, since my oiliness is right under my eyes and along the sides of my nose. You may want to apply it a bit differently. Oh, one word of advice though: use your finger to brush it off your lashes, otherwise they look pale and freaky. Also, don’t get arrowroot on your eyelids before trying to use liquid liner, because it will actually prevent it from sticking. Overall, I love this stuff, and one of the best parts is that it leaves my skin feeling soft and doesn’t clog my pores. Yay natural!

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