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Are You Helping or Just Bullying

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Posted by / August 10, 2014 / 0 Comments

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cute marten animalThis question applies across so many different topics and contexts that I have a hard time keeping them all straight in my mind. From gender bias, sexual orientation, and clothing choice to politics and religion. You have to wonder if you’re helping or just pushing your crap into someone else’s reality without their permission.

A lot of people know what bullying is, it seems like a very simple concept to understand and be against. But what if you don’t recognize something as bullying in the first place? What if you think that the behavior is helpful?Are you one of the many many people out there who tell people that they need to be a certain way because of X?

Examples? Sure thing. Do you feel a need to “save” someone from hell? Do you constantly tell people that they should be christian? Is it helpful or is it bullying?

How about trying to toughen a kid up by telling him that he is a pansy? You think that will help him or hinder him later in life?

Do you think that America is awesome and feel the need to try to convince everyone that you see?

Is it more important to convince someone of the error of their ways, or inform and let them decide? What if you told your “weak” child that their sensitive nature probably means that they have an artist’s heart? How about if you just enjoy being an American and let other people see how cool it is instead of preaching at them and generally being an egotistical jerk? Why can’t you embrace your religious belief in free will and let those who want to be christian find you?

For every “fault” you see in someone, I can see a strength that needs to be nurtured. For every bullying action, I can think of an encouragement. CAN YOU?

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