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Are You a Teenage Vampire or Just a Normal Teenager?

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Symptoms of Being a Teenage Vampire May Be the Same as Natural Changes

A lot of teenagers join online vampire communities because they think that they might be vampires. Are they really vamps, or are they just going through normal changes?

Being a teenager can be very confusing. It’s a time in your life when everything’s changing, and you don’t always know what to make of it. A lot of teens, especially in our vampire-saturated age, wonder if they’re teenage vampires. They see all the symptoms set out by movies and books, and they start to think that there’s more to their changing condition than just hormones.

Nearly every vampire-related book or movie sets out a collection of symptoms that mean you’re a vampire, or are likely to become one. Even though most mythology states that vampires are made, not born, a lot of teenagers see these traits in fiction, and in themselves, and they become even more confused than they normally would be. The thing is, a lot of the so-called vampiric traits are also things that occur naturally during human teenage years. Let’s discuss some of these traits and what could cause them naturally.

Vampires are almost always beautiful. If you’re a teenager and you’re suddenly becoming more attractive and appealing to the opposite sex, it could very well be that you’re just growing out of the gawky kid stage, and coming into your adult body. Heightened sexual desire and sexual attractiveness fit here as well. Teenagers are full of hormones, and it’s natural to become more sexually curious, and to both see others and be seen by others in a more sexual way.

Vampires also tend to have great strength. It is in no way uncommon for a teenager to become stronger and more physically fit as they age. It can even happen so fast, going from clumsy and weak to graceful and strong, that it seems like a near-magical shift. Increased speed goes right along with this, following in the footsteps of naturally improving physical abilities. Heightened senses are an extremely common trait of Hollywood vampires. This is also something that can happen naturally. As you grow up your senses may improve, or you may just become more aware of them. Improvements in your senses can happen to anyone at any time though, it’s especially common in menstruating or pregnant women.

Some of the more odd traits would be changing eye color, growing fangs, and developing psychic powers. While uncommon, some people’s eye color can change with age, or even with mood. Growing fangs after you’ve already lost baby teeth is rare, but possible. It isn’t uncommon at all however, for people to grow hyper-extended canines after shedding their baby teeth. My eyes change color based on mood and I have naturally hyper-extended canines, so both can even happen in one person. As for psychic abilities like empathy, clairvoyance and others, I have always believed that these can occur in anyone, and I have never found any correlation between increased psychic abilities and real vampirism.

Long story short, most of the traits that you might have seen or read about really won’t tell you if you’re a real teenage vampire or not. You’re most certainly not a vampire of myth and legend, but whether or not you’re a Real Living Vampire is something that is harder to discover. Vampirism is typically defined by a need (not just a desire) to feed off other beings in the form of blood or pranic energy. If this is not something you feel, all of your other symptoms could well be natural parts of growing up.

If you’re still not sure whether or not you may be a teenage vampire, I would suggest seeking out a reliable online vampire community, joining their forums, and asking around. Do some research, and make sure you see your family doctor to rule out any health issues. (Although I wouldn’t suggest telling your family physician that you think you might be a vampire.) If you know you’re physically healthy, and you know the difference between Real Living Vampires and the vampires of lore and fiction, talking to others in a similar situation is a good next step. People who have already gone through what you’re going through will be able to help you find the answers you need.

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