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Apparently, People Don’t Know What Natural Breasts Look Like

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Posted by / December 17, 2013 / 4 Comments

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As odd as it may sound to some, apparently there are a lot of people out there who don’t know what natural breasts look like. Believe it or not, a large portion of these people are women. The media is so saturated with images of women who have been surgically enhanced that women find their breasts to be ugly, and think that they can’t be normal. They have little or no reference in magazines or movies of what real, normal breasts look like. Even the pornographic industry uses more artificially “enhanced” women than real ones.

Eric and I have both written about how natural breasts are beautiful, and much to our surprise, those posts are the most visited on the entire blog. That’s right, out of over 1300 posts, the ones about natural breasts get more views that anything else. If you look at Google, a search for “what do natural breasts look like” brings up over 16 million results. There are people all over the internet, the vast majority of them women, asking what natural breasts are supposed to look like. How messed up is that? We, the ones who have breasts, don’t even know what they’re supposed to look like because we never see them in the media.

Honestly, I’m a part of that group. I’m fairly happy with my breasts and I suppose they’re normal, but when I lay on my side, I hate how they look. Even with all my research on the internet and even in publications showing how to draw women, I have never seen images of a woman laying on her side nude so that I would have a point of reference to know whether or not mine look and behave in a normal way. I even tried looking in the 007 Breasts – Normal Breasts Gallery, which is a wonderful resource, but they only have images of women standing.

It saddens me greatly that we live in a time where there are so many women who don’t know if the way they look is normal or not, and who feel disgusted by their own bodies because all they ever see in magazines and movies are breasts that have been altered. I recently read a comment by a 20-something woman who said she was going to go to a body mod parlor to ask that her nipples be removed, because they don’t look like the ones she’s seen in movies. How crazy is that? Even if you do a search for “celebrities with natural breasts”, you actually get more articles about women with large, fake breasts. The ones that claim to show celebs with real breasts are often wrong, since so many women are getting implants and alterations. Fake breasts are everywhere, and it’s frighteningly hard to find anyone who’s still natural, and even harder to find images to give the rest of us average women an idea what they should look like.

One thing that I find interesting is the fact that numerous studies and many lengthy internet forum conversations reflect that men prefer natural breasts. Well, mature men anyway. Men who are immature either in age, social ability or mental aptitude tend to prefer fake breasts, while the rest of the guys out there prefer the real thing. While they can all appreciate the look of a well-done breast augmentation, the tactile experience is what makes the difference, and guys like the feel of the real thing more. I wish I could find the link again, but I read a fascinating discussion where men from all over the country were talking about how they feel ashamed to like real breasts, because the media says that a virile, popular guy should want a woman with large, fake breasts. It also came up that they felt “forced” to date thin, tall women, even if they preferred short or fuller figured women. Society has made it a shameful act to enjoy a natural woman.

I think that as a society, we all, women and men alike, need to voice our desire to see natural bodies. And not just breasts. Women are objectified and driven to all sorts of surgeries and procedures, and it needs to stop. We all have to speak up and let the media know that we don’t want fake people anymore. Women should not have to feel ugly or deformed for being as nature intended. We should be able to see images of real women that haven’t had surgery and haven’t been airbrushed. No woman should ever feel that surgery or other cosmetic procedures are her only hope for being seen as beautiful and desirable.

On a side note, I’ve sent an email to the creator of 007 Breasts and asked if they can add photos of women laying on their back or side, to give viewers a better idea of what natural breasts do in those conditions. I’ll be sure to let you know when I receive a response.

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Briana Blair

Briana Blair

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    John L. Galt

    Well written. I, too, am one of those guys that is anti-fake – and no quotation can sum it up better than Sir Mix-a-lot’s verse “Those silicone parts are made for toys” from the classic rap “Baby Got Back”.

    I also am not a fan of huge breasts (nor huge derrieres, either) – but I think more so than anything else, an out of proportion look is more than a tad bit disconcerting to me. I recently posted on FB asking friends if they found a particular picture I shared out of proportion or not, and all I received aere responses akin to “Who the hell cares, look at that ass!”

    I admit, the perkier the better, the less saggy the better – but I also admit – at my age, I’m not likely to find perky, firm breasts sans augmentation. Some might think that I have decided to settle for augmented breasts – but no. My dislike for augmentation runs deeper than my desire for perky, firm breasts.

    I’ll take a little sag with my breast, ty.

      Briana Blair

      I agree, proportion can do a lot for appearance, though some women are just more or less “gifted” than others.
      As for the sag, it’s nature. I can understand not finding extremely floppy ones attractive, but the bigger they are, the more gravity works. It’s just the way it is. The media needs to lay off trying to convince people that beauty equates to defying nature.

        John L. Galt

        The fashion industry would be out of business if there was not a (nearly unattainable) goal of what is considered ‘beautiful’. I am not saying that that is a justification of their methods, but rather pointing out that, since we both live in the US, which is pretty much the first country founded almost purely on the concept of capitalism, fat chance on the media ever conforming to our ideal.

          Briana Blair

          The industry could adapt, it just doesn’t want to. It’s more profitable to continue the vicious, evil cycle of ruining people’s self-esteem then selling them things to give them short-term comfort. The fact that it is what it is doesn’t make it okay though. People have to try for change. There are plenty of examples of things we never thought would change that did, so it is possible. It just like the pharmaceutical industry. They’d be in upheaval if people realized we don’t need a pill for everything, but that doesn’t mean we should stop trying to wake people up or make the change.

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